Priti Patel demand BRITISH taxpayers take their share of EU assets after 45 YEARS of contributions


Conservative MP, Priti Patel stood up for British taxpayers today and demanded to know what will happen to the UK’s share of EU assets during the negotiation stage.

Speaking in the Commons on Thursday, Ms Patel said: “Mr Speaker, over the last 45 years, British taxpayers have had far too much of their money taken from them to go to the EU.

Now that we are leaving, can the Secretary of State give an indication of what the value is of our share of EU assets, what will happen to that share we’ve contributed and is he negotiating to get it all back?”

David Davis responded saying: “This was a component of the negotiation which bought the public claim down from £100billion to £35billion, part of that was offset by our assets.”

£35 billion is still a vast amount of money to pay when we have no legal obligation to do so. Would you agree?

According to the Express:

“The EU owns approximately £36billion in property and cash, including its £300million Europa building, which is the home of the European Council.

Britain has also made contributions to the European Investment Bank, which lends money to EU states and has an astonishing £56billion in capital.”

Can you see how the government is trying to put a spin on this? The Brexit bill is not £35 Billion, but still £100 billion.

Government releases STATEMENT after EU Withdrawal Bill is passed by the House of Commons

As the result of Wednesday evening’s House of Commons vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill has now been confirmed, the Brexit Secretary David Davis has released a brief statement to detail the way forward from this point.

He said:

“We are pleased that the bill has successfully completed this stage of its passage through Parliament.

“From the beginning our approach has been to work constructively with MPs from across the House wherever possible to improve the bill.

“This is a critical piece of legislation that aims to maximise certainty for individuals and businesses after our exit.

“We are looking forward to working with peers as the bill enters its next stage of scrutiny in the House of Lords at the end of this month.”

The Shadow Brexit Secretary for Labour Sir Keir Starmer has also spoken out about the vote where 243 Labour MPs decided to go against the government and attempt to disrupt the Brexit process.

He simply said that the EU Withdrawal Bill wasn’t ‘fit for purpose,’ and repeated his demand for MPs to have a ‘meaningful vote’ on the final terms of Brexit.

This is where Labour now appear to be distancing themselves from the Conservatives.

During the 2017 General Election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn’s team realised that openly going against the Brexit process would be incredibly bad for business, and so he kept shouting from the rooftops about Brexit happening with no ifs, buts or maybes.

However, the tune has changed now that they have been confirmed as ‘the opposition who are also very much a government in waiting’ – it is nothing short of a disgraceful attempt at poltiical opportunism.

Corbyn now feels that Labour can mop up votes all over the place by trying to pander to those who are being turned off of Brexit by the mainstream left-wing media, and it just makes you wonder where their loyalties really lie.

Are the unions leaning on the Labour leadership to try and throw a spanner in the works?

Is the hand of Momentum firmly driving the whole of the party now?