PROOF: Farage was RIGHT – ISIS ARE entering Europe


The Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage was bombarded with criticism from the national press when he said that ISIS will take advantage of Europe’s open border policy by posing as refugees to gain access to the continent.

I’m afraid to say that a document acquired by the Guardian newspaper proves this to be the case.

Not only that, but it seems as though the Libyan authorities have been conned into paying the expenses of jihadists after they seized a number of fake passports to use for the scheme.

The Italian intelligence document states: “Since 15 December 2015, an unknown number of wounded fighters of the Islamic State in Libya have been transported out of the country to an Istanbul hospital to undergo medical treatment.”

The bulk of the “false wounded’’ come from the Libyan area of Fataeh, where “elements of the Islamic State would be holed up”, the document states.

From there, the fighters are most commonly sent to Turkish hospitals.

It claims in one case the fighters showed fake passports to doctors in Misrata and told them they were wounded in Sirte and Benghazi.

“The Isis fighters” – the intelligence document says – “would present false passports and, posing as members of the Majlis Shura Thuwar Benghazi (MSTB) report to medical personnel in Misrata’’.

“Misrata is in fact the headquarters of the smuggling of these men from Libya to other countries. Misrata is also the place where the trafficking of false passports takes place when a fake identity is needed to cover the real identity of these men.”

The allegations underline the difficulties authorities in Libya and Europe face in determining the motives of militiamen fighting in Libya, and the extent to which their Islamist sympathies extend to support for Isis.

It seems that ISIS are doing everything they gain to get into Europe, this why now more than ever we need a strong immigration and screening process.

Donald Trump attempted to do this, but we all know how that turned out.