Pub landlord ordered to remove his UNION JACK JACKET as it might ‘offend people’


A story from 2016 has been circulating on social media about a pub landlord who was forced to stop wearing his Union Jack jacket as it might ‘offend people,’ and it is still a relevant tale today as it an example of just how local authorities are going crazy about people being supposedly ‘offended’ by our national symbol.

It was originally published in the Huffington Post, and it said:

A pub landlord in Yorkshire says council officers have repeatedly told him to stop wearing his ‘Union Jack’ jacket in public because it could be considered “offensive”.

Jason Mawer, who runs the Manx Arms in Barnsley, was asked to take off the jacket twice by people he believes were council officials, in what he called “political correctness gone mad”.

He was asked to take off the Barbour jacket, decorated with the red, white and blue of the union flag by officials who appeared to be local enforcement officers. He has refused twice.

Mawer had only had the jacket for a week before he was told to not to wear it in public
He claims that on the second occasion, an official warned that the coat – designed in honour of rock band The Who – “might offend somebody.”

Mawer said he was walking through the town centre when a woman in a high-visibility jacket tried to stop him.

The really sad thing is that we are not surprised by this story in the slightest.

After all, hardly a single day goes by without an article appearing about someone who has been told to take a Union Jack down from a prominent location – usually it is some sort of fluff about ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety’ or similar twaddle.

Let’s just be thankful that it wasn’t the cross of St. George on his jacket, as that would have probably earned him a 25-year stretch.

Image Credit: Martin Charlesworth

Man fined for displaying Union Jack in his garden, council sends in BAILIFFS

A man on Facebook has reported that his local council fined him for displaying a Union Jack flag in his front garden – he then added that the council sent BAILIFFS to his home to collect payment.

Facebook user Steven Ramsey posted an image of an enforcement notice that had been delivered by a bailiff, and it has now been shared more than 1750 times since July 18th.

If this is true, it is an outrageous move by Coventry City Council.

How on earth can it be illegal to fly your own country’s flag in your front garden.

The post in question stated:

Steven Ramsey / Facebook

This morning a chap I have never met knocked on my door to show me this notice for payment.

Of a fine totalling over £400 for displaying a UNION JACK in his window this was delivered by a debt collecting agency on behalf of COVENTRY CITY COUNCIL and because I FLY THE FLAG OF MY COUNTY in my front garden he had come to warn me.

I find this disgusting, who does the council think it is, that it can NOT ONLY PREVENT BUT FINE SOMEONE for showing PRIDE AND BELIEF in ones country.

Let’s speculate what what would have happened if say a flag of a foreign country had been displayed, I will let you choose which country.

NOTHING would have happened WHY you may ask, it is because the only flag that upsets people (woolly bonkers minded liberals and their ilk) is the flag that we should ALL be proud to show THE UNION FLAG.

This chap is refusing to remove the flag or to pay the fine, which in my opinion is the ONLY course of action any TRUE BRIT could take.

I hope that you will share this with you friend and join with me in condemning our ANTI BRITISH COUNCIL.

I hope that you will remember this at the next election and vote accordingly.

Thank you

**Small edits have been made to this post for readability**

You can see the original Facebook post here.

This story is usually the mad kind of thing that crops up then the World Cup or the Euros kick off, but surely it doesn’t genuinely offend anybody.