QT audience member rages at ‘MEDIA ELITE Remainers’ with spectacular speech


A Question Time audience member vented his anger at the ‘media elite’ over their stance on Brexit and lack of faith in the UK.

The mainstream media (MSM) will do everything they can to talk down about Brexit and the benefits of leaving the EU, despite the UK voting to leave.

The audience member said: “When will the hardline Remainers from the political and media elite of this country start to have some faith in this country’s ability to perform on the world stage?”

“It’s just arrogant.

“They have no faith in this country’s ability to perform and it’s one of the world’s most powerful and strong, both economically and militarily.

“Have some faith.”

He was met by a round of appluase from the audience.

Like this QT member, Tory MP, Jacob rees-Moog also critised the government and economic models which predict the UK will suffer under Brexit.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “The Office for Budget Responsibility was set up by George Osborne because Treasury forecasts had been politicised and it was thought they were unreliable on political grounds.

“With the referendum with the EU, the Treasury has gone back to making forecasts. It was politically advantageous for them. So yes, I do think they are fiddling the figures.”

Katie Hopkins OBLITERATES political elite, Gina Miller and the BBC

Katie Hopkins is known for speaking her mind and having an opinion on most things in life and her latest two-minute video posted on Twitter did not disappoint.

*the video has since been removed but a transcript has been provided*

Mrs Hopkins campaigned for the UK to leave the European Union during the EU referendum back in 2016 but has clearly become increasingly impatient with the liberal elite in the UK trying to delay the process.

She said: “Has the world gone mad? When you look around at the news headlines about girls school uniform being banned and a BBC article on ‘How to do your makeup after an acid attack’ do you wonder, what the hell happened to this country?”

“Take Brexit, the average punter thought when you put a cross against leave, out would mean out. Leave won. But that turned out to be the wrong answer for this lot. Since then, every last bit of fiddling has been used to try and get the answer London really wanted.”

“Gina Miller went to the courts and the BBC went slightly more left wing than John Mcdonelled”

Twitter users praised Katie:

What do you think of this video?

Brilliant if you ask me!

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