Question Time audience member SLAMS remainer panelist for calling Brexiteers ‘liars’

Terry Christian constantly belittled and mocked those who attempted to talk and reason with him about Brexit on Question Time last night causing one audience members to lose his temper.

The remoaner was told to ‘shut up’ as he interrupted audience members and labelled them ‘liars’.

One audience member said: “I cannot believe a word you’re saying.”

“If we’ve got a majority, 52 to 48, and we all agree that it’s going to happen, and we all agree we’re going to leave the EU, and leave the Customs Union; then forget hard, forget soft.

“We’re the fifth largest trading nation in the world, are you telling me Europe doesn’t want to trade with us? Get out of it.

“We need to be resolute and stand together.”

However, Mr Christian continued: “It’s a basic question for me, how do you become wealthier by leaving the richest trading bloc in the world?”

I’ll tell you how, Mr Christian. You leave the Customs Union and the Single Market but still trade with the ‘richest trading bloc’. You then create other bilateral trade agreements with nations around the world and have full control over international trade.

That’s just the start…not to mention a booming fishing industry, stronger borders with highly skilled workers coming into the country and less business regulation.

How hard is that to understand?

WATCH Question Time audience member demand HARD BREXIT: ‘It’s not rocket science, it’s called Brexit’

A brief and incredible speech from an audience member on BBC’s Question Time programme destroyed every single politician and Remoaner who wants to keep the United Kingdom tied to the European Union after March 2019.

The clearly frustrated Brexit supporter simply demanded that Brexit should mean Britain getting out of the Single Market and taking back control of it’s own affairs, and he finished by delivering one more blow.

He proclaimed: ‘It’s not rocket science, it’s called Brexit.’

This is what thousands, if not MILLIONS of people have been screaming into their TV sets and smartphones ever since Theresa May send the inadequate David Davis to lead the British charge in Brussels.

All we ever hear about is inflated Brexit bills, transition arrangements and other tactics designed to frustrate the process so much that there are genuinely people out there who believe that the whole democratic decision will be abandoned.

It is only straight-talking like this that will truly hold our government to account!

Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) is becoming more and more likely with every passing day, and we are not just talking about the transitional period here.

Nobody seems to know quite how long this will last, and this is disgusting when so many people are calling for the United Kingdom to just walk away and LEAVE.

There is a huge lack of faith in our country amongst those at the very top who know full well that this nation could easily stand on its own two feet.

However, those who have actual power to change Britain’s destiny are hell bent upon dragging out the whole process and making us a ‘vassal’ state of the European Union.

If this comes to pass, we will have to ask ourselves why we even bothered to vote Leave in the first place!



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