Question Time audience react in spectacular fashion as Labour MP claims ‘Corbyn will be GREATEST PM country has ever seen’


Question Time audience booed and jeered following the pathetic claim by a Labour MP.

An audience member asked Labour MP, Mr Williamson: “I’d like to ask the Labour MP if your Party is so big, it’s so powerful and coming forward then how come the best you can offer is Jeremy Corbyn?”

To which the audience cheered and gave a rapturous applause.

Mr Williamson blustered: “In my, in my, in my humble opinion Jeremy Corbyn is the best leader the Labour Party has ever produced and will be the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever seen.”

The audience responded with a few cheers but mainly boos aimed towards the Labour MP.

The Labour MP continued: “Because he will have the reform agenda that will make this country work for ordinary people, eradicate poverty, an economy that actually gives people a stake in society and a decent future, decent pensions, decent public services – what is there not to like about that?”

The audience member who originally asked the first question hit back saying: “I can remember what it was like when the Labour Party left office in 2010.

“Debt, bills not paid and notes to say ‘good luck Conservatives, there’s no money left’.

“I’m old enough to remember what it was like when the public utilities in the 70s were publicly owned and there was strike after strike.

“And intercity, you want to talk about trains? You’ve got a short memory sir, you’ve got a short memory.”

Julia Hartley-Brewer just DESTROYED every single Jeremy Corbyn supporter with one tweet

The political commentator Julia Hartley-Brewer has recently developed a reputation for having one of the most brutal accounts on Twitter, and her latest take on the ‘outrage’ surrounding the UKIP-leader Henry Bolton and his relationship with Jo Marney sums up exactly why so many left-wingers are complete and utter hypocrites.

Although it is now clear that his ex-partner Marney has made a number of controversial and racially-motivated remarks in the past, those who are screaming loudest about this issue seem to be forgetting one very important point.

Luckily, JHB was on hand to set them all straight!

Well that’s a very good point, isn’t it?

Perhaps we should expand the issue slightly by saying that while the usual suspects are getting their knickers in a twist about Bolton’s links to a single lover who doesn’t have any real global political power, they seem to be forgetting the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has associated himself with members of the IRA and other individuals who have ACTUAL power and influence.

People who have actively sought to do harm to the United Kingdom in the past.

Surely people should be more worried about this than the romantic exploits of the leader of UKIP, a party that has been on a steady path of decline since the 2016 EU referendum result due to the Conservative Party photocopying their manifesto at every opportunity.

Therefore, we encourage you to make the same point as Julia when you come across someone ‘giving it large’ about Bolton and Marney.

For the Corbynites, there isn’t just a single elephant in the room – there appears to be an entire herd of them!

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