Reasons why the EU should PAY Great Britain for a trade deal


We are bombarded by the mainstream media that the UK will have to pay the EU for a ‘free’ trade deal. However, we think they should pay us for such privilege.

Access to the city of London – Largest financial centre in the world.

London is the world’s top financial centre, with over 250 foreign banks, 96% of the EUs emission trading scheme is traded in London. 588 overseas company’s quoted in London.

Time’s columnist, Iain Martin, said: “The entire EU debt machine runs out of London. We run your currency.”

“80% of the Eurozone debt, the derivatives, the stuff that makes the Eurozone go around, all of it resides in Britain.”

“Of course, bits of it can go to Frankfurt and Paris. But, the German Finance Ministry understands the risks of dislocation”.

UK defence and economic stability

The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful and robust military powers on the planet. It’s economic stability and defence is second to none. The UK has the ability to project its power to anywhere in the world.

Defending the country and its national interest (including trading routes and close allies).

Exports and imports

The European Union exports £80 billion more goods and service to the United Kingdom than we export to them. A ‘no deal’ scenario would hurt the EU more so than the UK.


Yet they expected us to pay to trade with a stagnant Eurozone, failing currency and mass unemployment. How much you ask? £52 billion is the latest figure.

Do you have any other reasons? Let us know in the comments below.