Remain campaigner SLAMS Nigel Farage for backing new Brexit vote


I think it’s fair to say we were all shocked to hear that Nigel Farage is willing to put everything on the line and back a second Brexit referendum, not on the deal, but on EU membership once again.

Lucy Thomas, a Remain Campaign Deputy Director hit out at Mr Farage over his comments.

She said: “For me, it was a democratic decision, people have had their say and I sort of want to ask Nigel Farage why can’t you accept you’ve won?

“What is it about this that you don’t accept. For me, I’ve known Nigel Farage for probably about 10 years and he just loves a fight, he loves campaigning.”

It’s fairly obvious she’s copying leave voters who say to remain voters ‘Why can’t you accept that you’ve won?’.

Ms Thomas said: “I think there are some former Remainers who want there to be a second referendum and have spoken about that.

“When you look at the polls public opinion has not shifted, there is not this missive clamour for a second referendum so I don’t think there is a big push for that.

“You can think about perhaps once the terms are known were people to suddenly be up in arms and say we don’t like these terms we want a second go, but for the moment the polls simply aren’t there.”

Nigel Farage’s reaction after leaving Barnier’s office caught on camera

The Ex-UKIP leader and LBC radio host spoke to EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, on Monday.

Speaking just as he left Mr Barnier’s office in Brussels, the Brexiteer told LBC: “We had our meeting with Mr Barnier, who was, as I expected unfailingly, polite.

“But I don’t think he really understands why Brexit happened and completely underestimates the role the open-door immigration plays, almost disbelieving of it, which makes me think the UK government has not really been pressing that line.

“Basically, he admitted that new border controls haven’t even been discussed.”

Afterwards, Mr Farage revealed the most “illuminating answer” from the meeting: “Barnier rather takes the view Brexit was because people had been promised a lot of money for the health service.

“What he really didn’t understand at all was that open door immigration within the EU had been an absolute key driver of this.”

What do you think of this?

It’s clear that the government are not talking about immigration.