Remoaner House Speaker Bercow: ‘Forget the referendum and SCRAP BREXIT’


The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow seems to have a terrible habit of upsetting people, and in his latest attempt to wind up more than half of the turnout in the 2016 EU referendum he has said that MPs have the power to just IGNORE THE REFERENDUM and stop Brexit.

While speaking at a Hansard event, he told the gathered audience that Parliament could ‘do what it wants’ and just stop the official process to leave in March 2019 that was set in motion when Theresa May sent the Article 50 letter to Brussels.

As The Mail has said, he ‘boasted’ about voting Remain in the past, but it seems that he is now even more intent on making his Remoaner voice heard.

Perhaps this would also be a good time to point out that the Speaker of the House is supposed to remain neutral at all times – this hardly sounds ‘neutral’ does it?

He made the same mistake when he declared that Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed to come to the UK for a state visit – again, hardly ‘neutral!’

According to a report in the Daily Mail:

Mr Bercow’s provocative remarks come after he faced accusations earlier this year that he has failed in his duty of impartiality by revealing that he voted against Brexit in the EU referendum.

Speaking at a Hansard Society event in Speaker’s House, he said MPs were not bound to follow the wishes of voters.

‘Of course, Members of Parliament are subject to pressures from their parties, from their parties’ whips offices, and possibly their parties in their constituencies, but ultimately they decide how they vote,’ he said.

‘Most of them do indeed decide how they vote and they, of course, recognise they may well have to take the consequences of that vote.

‘Of course in the light of the referendum, there are actors on the stage who are very strongly supportive of Brexit who will tend to say, “The absolute responsibility now of Members of Parliament is simply to vote this through”, but that is an opinion rather than a constitutional fact.’

Mr Bercow said he expected MPs to be given the opportunity to vote on a Brexit deal at the end of negotiations in Brussels, and suggested some could use the moment to try to cancel leaving altogether.

Forget his Brexiteer-baiting for one minute – how many times does he have to apply his own interpretation of the ‘neutrality’ rules before someone takes action?

If he wants to put these opinions across then that is absolutely fine, but he cannot expect to remain in his position as House Speaker at the same time!

Surely it is only a matter of time before a motion is tabled for a vote of no confidence in him.