Remoaner Nick Clegg admits DEFEAT in battle for soft Brexit


The ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats and high-profile Remoaner Nick Clegg has admitted that the battle to get Britain into a ‘Soft Brexit’ arrangement has been lost.

According to the politician, Theresa May is now going to ‘win the day’ and ensure that the United Kingdom leaves both the Customs Union and the Single Market – the two withdrawals that would have in effect removed the country from the European Union in name only.

According to a report in The Sun:

The former deputy PM predicted Theresa May “will win the day” with her vision of a UK free from Brussels lawmaking.

But he also issued a rallying cry to Remain-backing MPs, telling them they have a “democratic duty” to reject Mrs May’s Brexit deal in a last-ditch bid to change the referendum result.

Speaking in Brussels, the arch-Europhile said: “This week is the week that the illusion of a so-called soft Brexit has died.

“It was always a nonsense in my view, but there was a feeling that maybe Theresa May would pluck up courage that she’s never displayed hitherto to defy her right-wing.

“There was a slight sense that she was starting to realise the error of her preemptive declaration of red lines, [that this] was going to lead her to try and sue for peace on an emollient basis.

“I think it was always unlikely but it’s now gone. I think it is more likely than not that the Government will win the day.”

Although all of this must be painful for him to admit, he still managed to encourage Remain-supporting MPs to reject the Brexit deal when it is finally presented in front of parliament for a vote.

Perhaps this will form the basis of How To Stop Brexit And Make Britain Great Again 2 – his plan to stop drumming up support for stopping Brexit amongst the Great British public and simply lean on MPs in Parliament to do his dirty work instead.

By the way, this second book will be printed entirely on recycled paper. They are going to pulp all of the Liberal Democrat manifestos that were left over from the time that they promised to scrap tuition fees.