Remoaner Soubry SHOUTED DOWN by MPs while attacking hard-Brexit


Anna Soubry is one of 11 Conservative rebel MPs who are not afraid to air their views against a hard-Brexit.

Speaking in the Commons, Ms Soubry said: “The CBI, which represents thousands of businesses across the United Kingdom, of all sizes and all sectors, just over a week ago called on the Government to put the interests of the economy over and above ideology.

“Does the minister agree, and if he does, when is the Government going to stand up against the hard Brexiteers, who mainly inhabit these benches – there’s only about 35 of them…”

Ms Soubry then received a barrage of abuse from a peppering of MPs.

She continues: “When is the Government going to see them off and make sure we get a sensible Brexit? Because if we don’t we will sleepwalk into a disastrous Brexit and suffer for generations to come.”

Brexiteer’s speech provokes FURIOUS reaction from Remoaner Soubry and it’s hilarious to watch

Speaking on Tuesday in the House of Commons, Mr Jenkin clashed with Remainer Anna Soubry, who will reportedly vote against the Government.

He said: “I just reflect on this debate having often taken part in such debates and felt to be rather in the minority when opposing a new European treaty.

“I wonder whether I am still in the minority in this House that this House actually probably has more Remainers than leavers in it and that rather colours the judgement of many people taking part in this debate.”

Mrs Soubry was clearly triggered by Mr Jenkins, appearing to say “for God’s sake” as she asked the MP if she could make a point.

Mr Jenkins continued: “I just put it forward as a problem. Let me finish the point. I believe as passionately about this as she does in hers.

“I am sympathising, I understand. The truth is, we have to accept the country voted to leave and the one thing we know about what the people voted for, whether they voted for this deal or that deal, or they believed this bit of propaganda or that bit of propaganda.

“The one thing that it said on the ballot paper was they were voting to leave the European Union.

“I cannot understand how anyone can come to this house and say ‘well there might be circumstances where I am just simply not going to respect that decision’. Because that is what it amounts to.”

Ms Soubry interrupted the Conservative MP again and can be overheard shouting: “You are disgraceful. An absolute disgrace.”