REPORT reveals campaigner Gina Miller has been given £400,000 to try and STOP BREXIT


A report in the Daily Express has revealed that the billionaire George Soros has handed £400,000 to the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller so that she can set up a campaign group with one simple goal – to somehow STOP BREXIT.

We would like to think that all of the money in the world would be useless when fighting against something that has been voted for in a massive democratic activity, but deep down everyone knows that money talks.

According to the article in The Express:

BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros has handed £400,000 to a campaign group founded by Gina Miller which is trying to overturn Brexit with a nationwide advertising campaign and Momentum style rallies, it has been reported.

The funding for the Best for Britain campaign came through one of Mr Soros’s foundations, but anti-Brexit group chairman, Lord Malloch-Brown, a former minister, and diplomat, said the group had followed rules governing financial contributions “to the letter”.

He said: “We have never hidden our agenda; we have been campaigning hard to win a meaningful vote on Brexit, which we did, and to keep all options on the table, including staying in the European Union.

“We, like millions of people, believe that Britain should lead, not leave Europe.

“We work with campaigners, businesses, unions, politicians and community groups to make sure everyone has a strong campaigning voice.

“George Soros’s foundations have, along with a number of other major donors, also made significant contributions to our work.

“Indeed through his foundations he has contributed £400,000.

“But our small donors have collectively contributed more and the commitments of the other major donors also exceed this amount.

“So he is an important and valued donor but his funding is one amongst many sources.”

‘Momentum style rallies?’ How long will it be until a campaigner acting ‘in the name’ of this group decides to get in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s face when he speaks at an open, democratic event somewhere?

More to the point, this whole idea smacks of hypocrisy at the highest level!

One of the Remoaners’ favourite post-referendum arguments has been to scream about ‘big money’ being involved in the original campaign to persuade British voters to choose a future away from the European Union – large donations and the like.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and now we have vast sums of money being thrown at an attempt to insult the true will of the people. You honestly couldn’t make it up.

Saying that Britain should ‘lead, not leave’ Europe is also incredibly short-sighted.

Anyone who took a prominent place in the Vote Leave campaign made one simple point over and over again until they were blue in the face – Brexit is all about a future of close co-operation with our European neighbours, just without the mindless meddling and bureaucracy that have become synonymous with the European Union.

As Nigel Farage puts it, we can look forward to a future of working closely with our continental partners, but without the ‘flags and anthems.’

Anyone who thinks that Brexit will see the United Kingdom pulling up the drawbridge and going it alone is mistaken – the only isolation will occur as a result of Brussels spite.