Reporter reveals LESS THAN 3% of migrants who reached Italy were GENUINE REFUGEES


Fewer than 3% of migrants who reached Italy from the northern coast of Africa were genuine refugees, a UN report shows.

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said 181,436 migrants arrived in Italy last year, however only 4,808 were granted asylum seeker status.

The UNHCR report said 90,334 of the migrants did not even bother to request asylum but simply disappeared into the black market economy.

Of the 91,902 who applied for asylum, 54,252 had their requests rejected unconditionally.

Another 18,979 were given ‘humanitarian protection’ status and 12,873 were given ‘subsidiary protection’

These figures show the truth about the ‘refugee crisis’.

The majority of these people are not fleeing for their lives, but instead entering European countries illegally for their own financial benefit.

So why are so many people supporting them?

All I can say is thank goodness we have the English channel, it’s saved us more times than I can remember.

I’m all for helping genuine refugees, but seeing as 90,334 of the migrants did not even bother to request asylum, that itself shows their true objectives.

People in Italy are taking action against officials for allowing the influx of illegal immigration to take place, an example being Italy’s anti-migrant Lega Nord (Northern League) party who are planning to sue senior figures for allowing illegal immigration.

Breitbart reported that Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini said: ‘It is now clear that illegal immigration is organised and financed and for this reason we have decided to bring a case against the government, the President of the Council, the ministers and the commanders of the Navy and the Coast Guard.’