Restaurant owner confirms he will REMOVE giant Union Jack painted on the front of his fish and chip shop


The owner of a fish and chip restaurant that hit the headlines after he had the entire front of his business painted over with a giant Union Jack has confirmed that he intends to remove the artwork within the next few weeks.

Contrary to a number of comments that have been made, the director of The Fish and Chip in Jubilee Square, Leicester, has stated that the decision to remove the flag was 100% down to the business, and it wasn’t the result of a complaint from the local council.

We think that this is a shame as not only was it generating a lot of interest in his own business, but it was also an amazing display of national pride that obviously took a lot of time and effort.

After all, it is very easy just to stick up a couple of flags in a window or on flagpoles – however covering an entire shopfront while remaining inside local planning regulations is a whole different matter!

According to a report in the Leicester Mercury:

Bosses at a Leicester city centre restaurant painted with a huge Union Flag have said it will be re-painted – but nobody’s told them to do it.

Last week rumours started circling regarding The Fish and Chip in Jubilee Square suggesting owners were being forced to remove the eye-catching paint job.

Hundreds of people were up in arms about the claim – which was picked up by a handful of far-right Facebook members.

Fortunately it turns out it’s absolute nonsense with both the city council and restaurant directors confirming that nobody has told anyone to remove the Union Flag.

Despite that it won’t be here for long though – with The Fish and Chip founder Aatin Anadkat saying they had always planned to change it.

“It’s not because anyone has asked us to do it,” he said.

“We wanted to do it to announce the fact that something new, exciting and British was here.

“It’s absolutely done that – but it’s never been our long term plan to keep the frontage.

“No-one from the council has even knocked on our door about it.

“There’s been no pressure or suggestion it’s right or wrong. We’ve done it and been left to it.”


A representative from Leicester City Council has also said that shopfront artwork of this nature is entirely the decision of the business owner – this echoes the words of the owner.

If anyone is local to Leicester, why not pop down and get a photo with the stunning masterpiece as it won’t be around for long!

It’s not like us Brits need an excuse to nip out for some fish and chips now, is it?

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