REVEALED: 76% of ‘child migrants’ are over 18 years old


An investigation undertaken by The Swedish Board of Forensics has produced some shocking figures showing just 76% of the so-called ‘child migrants’ are in fact adults.

Westmonster has reported that:

The Swedish Board of Forensics have today announced the results of their first investigations into determining the ages of unaccompanied ‘child’ migrants.

The assessments, which were carried out on 18 females and 563 males, concluded that 442 individuals were deemed to be older than 18, a shocking 76% of cases!

Examinations are carried out by a forensic anthropologist who x-rays the individual’s wisdom teeth and takes an MRI scan of a knee joint. Their forensic opinion on the age of the individual is then sent to the Swedish migration board to be factored into their decision on whether or not to grant asylum.

Only 134 people (23%) examined were believed to be under 18. There were only 5 cases in which the examiner felt they were unable to make a judgement, which is broadly in line with the standard margin of error.

Ann Lemne, Project Manager for medical age assessments lab, said it was difficult to say whether the results will be representative of the entire group of people claiming asylum as children. The board still have at least 4200 tests to carry out, however, their results are broadly in line with others carried out across Europe.

The UK Home Office caused controversy last year after it decided to erect fences around a migrant centre to stop newspapers taking photos of “child” refugees.”

They were later forced to admit that 2/3 of ‘child refugees’ were actually adults.

We have also reported the massive migrant crisis cover up the mainstream media refuses to report on.

Many believe these refugees are coming from war torn countries when starting their dangerous journey travelling to Europe on small rubber boats. But the reality is massive ships pick the migrants up just 12 miles off the African coast and sail them 250 miles directly to Italy where they enter the country undocumented.

These ships are not taking the migrants/refugees to the closest safe port which is in Tunisia.