REVEALED: Banned Remain campaign adverts compare Farage to HITLER


Remain campaign posters which never saw the light of day during the EU referendum have been revealed

It’s public knowledge that remainers dislike Nigel Farage, probably because he single handily brought down their European dream.

The posters which were banned from being published show how much of a hatred the ‘remain’ campaign has for Mr Farage and how low they were will go to win votes.

I do think that if these posters were ever used in the campaign it would have worked against them.

Take a look at the images below.

I have a particular dislike for this image above.

It’s obvious that they are trying to imply Farage is Hitler for wanting the UK to get out of the European Union, control its borders, make its own laws and restore national sovereignty.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews and started WW2.

For the remain campaign to even imply that Farage is like Hilter is unbelievable.

This really does show what remainers are like.

One of the advertising agencies who worked for the remain campaign said: “We never normally release work that we produced on behalf of a client but that hasn’t run.

“But this time is different. We are still emotionally engaged, the issue is – and will remain – of vital importance and it might help to air some of these ideas,” he told Campaign.

“We said don’t try to cower people into submission – encourage them to see the positives. We came up with a strategy based around ‘Don’t leave it, lead it’ but they didn’t run with it.

“At no point did we deal with the senior politicians. Instead, we were dealing with a cross-party committee and it was desperately frustrating. It was a structure doomed to failure.”

What do you think of these images?