REVEALED: ELITE SAS involved in raids against terror suspects


Various media outlets are reporting that SAS troopers are embedded with armed police during raids against suspect terrorists in Manchester.

Photographs showed special forces with assault rifles, jamming gear and specially adapted helmets after they burst into a flat in the city centre.

It was the most dramatic demonstration of a heightened military presence nationwide that was triggered by Monday’s suicide bombing and fears of a second attack. A team of SAS troops was deployed to Manchester in the immediate aftermath of the carnage.

The United Kingdoms SAS (Special Air Service) were the first modern day special forces unit, originally forming in the second world war, causing havoc against Nazi airfields in Northern Africa.

The SAS selection process is viewed by many to be the most physically and mentally demanding process in the world. Only a handful out of 250 men are selected.

Around 1,000 heavily-armed military personnel from the Royal Artillery, Paratroop and Irish Guards regiments are outside the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and other UK landmarks after Theresa May warned that a fresh terror attack may be ‘imminent’.

Ex-SAS trooper, Phil Campion said: “For me, it is a lot more black and white, there aren’t as many issues for me. We’ve now got people whose intent was to do harm and have actually carried out, and they’ve killed our children.

“You say that one line to yourself, ‘you’ve killed our children’, it then becomes a bit more black and white. I think people are missing the point here, people are trying to go down too many avenues.

“We have people in this country who are actively targeting and killing our children, that’s it, no more no less. I don’t have any time for anybody who is saying to me ‘we should be giving them a bit more time, we should do this’, no.”