REVEALED: Lawyers described Rochdale grooming gang VICTIMS as prostitutes


A new documentary into Muslim grooming gangs has revealed that lawyers initially refused to prosecute the grooming gang members as they viewed the rape victims as prostitutes

The gang of 9 men, of mostly Pakistani origin, groomed vulnerable young white girls whom they saw as “easy meat”, piling them with alcohol and sexually abusing them.

However, lawyers saw the victims as prostitutes.

Mr Afzal said:“When I read the prosecutor’s advice to the officers in the earlier investigation (there were) things like ‘she has made a choice about her life’ and ‘she has agreed in effect to be a prostitute for these men’.

Everything about it shocked me, to be blunt, because what groomers do, what perpetrators do, is manipulate… and the fact that she was chaotic and troubled was actually the reason why she was targeted.”

A video clip from the new documentary can be seen below.

Mr Afzal is spot on – groomers manipulate their victims.

It looks like they have also manipulated the lawyers here too, a part of me thinks maybe the lawyers were in on this too (that’s just a guess, not an accusation or fact).

Rochdale and Rotherham are the most well known Muslim grooming gang scandals, I fear that there are much more we do not yet know about.

The Betrayed Girls will air on BBC One, at 8:30 pm on Monday and will feature interviews with some of the gang’s victims, as well as those who fought for justice.

I hope the lawyers who took this stance lose their jobs immediately.

I also hope that the men behind these gangs are never let loose on the streets again.