REVEALED: The migrant crisis TRUTH they don’t want you to know


If there is one article you read today, make sure it is this one. I literally could not believe what I was seeing when Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars reported the massive migrant crisis cover up which the mainstream media refuses to report on

When the mainstream media discuss the migrant/refugees crisis, you may imagine hundreds of starving people from war-torn countries clinging on to their small rubber boats in a dangerous attempt to reach Europe by crossing the sea.

The journey alone is a huge feat that you’d probably believe many would not be able to complete. Hundreds of miles out at sea with no food or water for days on end.

Many of these people are genuine refugees (says the mainstream media).

However, the video below completely disproofs that.

The truth is that thousands of migrants are attempting to enter Europe, but not on small rubber boats, but massive ships.

The migrants start their journey, but when they are a few miles out at sea, they send out a distress call. This distress call alerts charities and authorities and instead of taking them to the nearest port, they ship them 300 miles into Europe, even though they were only 10 miles away from Africa when discovered. illustration shows boats going back and forth from Italy and Africa daily, repeating the same journey over and over again, instead of picking the migrants up from Libyan waters and sending them to the nearest safest port which is Tunisia.

Paul Joseph Watson said: ” The law states that the refugees should be taken to the nearest safe port which would be Tunisia. But these NGOs are taking straight to Italy.

As you can see from this illustration NGO boats are leaving Italy, travelling to right off the coast with Libya then returning to Italy with their human cargo.

It’s literally a taxi service!”

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