REVEALED: Remain campaign spent DOUBLE the legal limit during EU referendum


According to an investigation led by Guido, the remain campaigns during the referendum bypassed electoral commission rules and spent up £7.5 million more than legally allowed.

Guido has uncovered that multiple remain campaign groups which were supposedly separate actually worked and co-ordinated together.

Guido said:

“The Electoral Commission rules are clear: if one campaign “coordinates [its] activity with another campaigner”, then they are “highly likely to be working together”. This definition of “working together” is important, because the Electoral Commission also says: “the lead campaign group must count all of the spending of all the campaigners it works together with towards its own limit”. Guess what… they didn’t.

Two books provide detailed accounts of a number of Remain campaigns coordinating plans and working together in the weeks leading up to the referendum. Tim Shipman’s All Out War reveals “[Craig] Oliver led an early-morning conference call for the media teams at 6.15am. At 7.30am there was a second conference call, in which Stronger In would tell Labour In, Conservatives IN and the Liberal Democrats about their plans for the day”. This clearly counts as “coordinating” and “working together” under the Electoral Commission’s definition.”

I’m going to be honest with you and say that I’m not surprised.

The Remain campaign was awful and they tried to blame everyone but themselves for losing.

It just shows how bad their argument was when they spent £7 million more than legally allowed.

REMOANER Sir Vince Cable reported to police for ‘OVERSPENDING’ in general election campaign

It has been reported today that one of the United Kingdom’s most high-profile Remoaners and the leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable has been reported to police over allegations of overspending during the last general election campaign.

There is an incredibly stringent set of guidelines of spending rules that need to be following when a candidate is standing for an election on either a parliamentary or local council level, and police will now have to investigate these allegations to see if an offence has been committed.

This news comes after a number of Conservative candidates have been investigated over similar allegations since the end of the 2017 general election campaign.

According to a report in The Express:

Stuart Coster, a co-founder of the People’s Pledge — which campaigned for an EU referendum — has sent a dossier to the Metropolitan police which details what he claims is evidence that the Liberal Democrat leader overspent by at least £4,000 during the general election campaign.

Sir Vince’s spending return during the general election was just £630 below the legal spending limit of £13,517.

However, Mr Coster has claimed that some of the current Liberal Democrat leader’s “personal” costs have been wrongly allocated to national spending.

The People’s Pledge co-founder also claims to have found undeclared leaflets, stickers and stakeboards, and no invoices for office equipment, photography or web services.

Last night a party spokesman denied the allegations and said: “All election spending in Twickenham was within the limits and correctly accounted for.

“This is a vexatious complaint intended to distract attention from the best-attended Lib Dem conference in our history.”


It remains to be seen whether there is any truth in the allegations, or if it is indeed some sort of ‘political game,’ but in any case it will be an unwelcome distraction for Sir Vince who is now dedicating his time to making sure that Brexit doesn’t happen somehow.

In recent weeks, the party has had a very visible ‘reverse Brexit’ persona – the leader himself was spotted at an anti-Brexit rally in London.

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