REVEALED: Secret Labour Policy to Tax Homeowners on Size of Garden


Hidden in the small print of Labours manifesto is a small piece called ‘Land Value Tax’, otherwise known as LVT and dubbed as ‘Garden Tax’

The Daily Express reported on the new found policy saying:

Behind the income tax pledge is a proposal to gradually introduce a tax raid on their properties which is set to hit pensioners hardest.

The concerns have been raised after analysis of the Labour plans to introduce a Land Value Tax (LVT) – dubbed the garden tax – which eventually will be based on three per cent of the value of land for each property.

The analysis commissioned by the Conservatives shows this would result in a yearly tax bill of £3,837 for an average family home in England – a massive 224 per cent increase on the current average council tax bill of £1,185.

However, in some areas, the increase could be much higher based on current values and council tax levels.

In Westminster, local tax would rise a massive 2,300 per cent to £17,413 at the highest end.

In Birmingham, the increase would be 320 percent to an average of £2,726.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, there would be a 338 percent hike to £2,614.

One of the poorest council areas of England – Barking and Dagenham – would see hard pressed council taxpayers faced with an average bill of more than 500 percent more at £4,579 a year.

The LVT plans are also in the Lib Dem and Green manifestos leading to new fears of “a coalition of chaos” forcing huge tax hikes across the UK.”

It looks like Labour really do want to tax working class families to the max. They may pledge not to raise income tax, but they’ll hit you elsewhere with other tax increases when you least expect it.

They lash out on the Tories for their so-called ‘dementia tax’, but wish to introduce an LVT tax which is up to 4 times current council tax levels.

What do you think about this?