REVEALED: Staggering figures show how many CRIMINAL migrants live in Britain


The sheer number of criminal migrants in the UK has been revealed through government data and its a problem bigger than we could have imagined

Our friends at Westmonster done some number crunching and revealed these figures:

“In 2016, a total of 65,154 foreign nationals were convicted of immigration-related crime alone.

28,064 did not have permission to remain in the UK, 5,410 entered into bogus marriages, 3,178 lied on their immigration application and 3,439 came to Britain using fake documents.

Figures show 1,772 foreign nationals in British jails were released back into the community even when they were eligible for deportation.

Can you guess how many of those have since been deported? 30. Three. Zero.

Between the second quarter of 2016 alone, there were 1,842 criminal migrants subject to deportation action who had been waiting longer than 60 months to be removed from the country.”

We recently reported that a hate cleric will not be deported from the UK because he has a right to a ‘private life’.

Ex-UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, urged the government to take action and deport the man.

More can be read about that story here.

It’s also been revealed that between 150,000 to 250,000 migrants enter the UK illegally each year.

This is unstainable and dam right unacceptable.

What on earth is the government doing to 1) Stop these illegal migrants from gaining access and 2) Deport them?

Where has our backbone gone?

Such abuse of the system would never have been accepted 30 years ago, why is it suddenly to normality now?

Thank goodness we are leaving the European Union and taking back control of our borders.

The numbers may be far higher than what we currently estimate, the truth of the matter is that the government have let this issue get out of control.

Saying that, could you imagine how much worse the situation would become if Diane Abbott was in charge?