REVEALED: Sturgeon’s nasty report that could WRECK Scotland’s chances of remaining in EU


Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP may be making a lot of noise about another independence referendum and keeping Scotland in the EU, but a damning 2014 report has now emerged showing that the Scottish government SLAMMED the EU as ‘intrusive and lacking legitimacy.’

Perhaps she was hoping that Brussels would forget about the 20-page document that basically sets out 29 ways in which Scotland would change the EU. 

Thank heavens that we came along and pointed it out – we would hate for it all to just be buried and forgotten about. 

How not to win friends in Brussels!

If there is one thing that we have learned about our chums over there, it is that they don’t take kindly to criticism. 

It states: “It has become clear that a substantial number of people throughout the territory of the EU have come to regard the EU institutions as remote from, and non-responsive to, their everyday lives and needs. 

“It is important that the EU institutions and the Member States recognise and respond to the challenges to the EU’s wider legitimacy. 

“Failure to do so will further fuel the voices challenging the EU’s basic legitimacy and damage its political and legislative credibility.”

We tried to change the EU a while back, but thankfully the people of Britain realised that it would be far easier to just leave and go it alone. 

The EU is so set in its own ways that they will probably just laugh any criticism off until they are literally made up of Jean-Claude Junker and his dog. 

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