REVEALED: The 3 favourite MPs set to be the Conservative leader


According to a Survey conducted by Conservative Home, these are the 3 favourite MPs to become the next Conservative leader.

Last months scores were as follows:

Rees-Mogg scored 18 percent, Michael Gove 14 percent and Boris Johnson 12 percent.

However, this month, saw much of the same but a slight increase for Mr Rees-Mogg who now scored 21 percent. Gove increased to 16 percent and Boris also gained two points taking him up to 14 percent.

Analysis by Conservative Home put the future leadership contest into greater clarity.

“We believe that Rees-Mogg won’t stand, which makes his presence in the survey a distortion, but our respondents previously named him en masse in the write-in category, so we put him in the named candidates a few months ago: vox populi, vox dei.

Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that either Johnson or Gove would stand were there to be a vacancy, though we think that the former would at least.

Furthermore, Conservative MPs might not forward the name of either to party members were one or both to enter any contest.  And no-one else gets into double figures.  It may of course be that in such circumstances other candidates emerge who we don’t name.”

Conservative Party members DEMAND that Jacob Rees-Mogg is promoted to Theresa May’s cabinet

A survey of Conservative party members has revealed that there is now a huge demand for the pro-Brexit MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to be promoted to Theresa May’s cabinet.

It must have a lot to do with he fact that the MP for North Somerset has constantly stood up and spoken out on behalf of the millions of people who are now screaming out for a ‘clean and quick’ Brexit.

He is also a champion of the ‘no deal’ scenario where we simply walk away if the deal isn’t good enough, saving billions of pounds in the process.

According to a report in The Sun:

JACOB Rees-Mogg is the runaway favourite among Tory members to be promoted to Theresa May’s Cabinet.

A survey of grassroots Conservatives shows they want the eccentric backbencher at the top of any list of names if the Prime Minister holds a reshuffle in the New Year.

The results on ConservativeHome show that the MP for North East Somerset picked up more votes than the five people behind him put together.

He has risen to prominence this year after becoming a massive hit on social media, despite being seen as an old-fashioned throwback.

The 48-year-old Old Etonian has regularly topped the odds to become the next party leader, after an online campaign gathered momentum over the summer.

But after it was rumoured he was being “lined up for ministerial job” in September he flatly rejected the reports and joked that next he’ll be “offered the papacy”.

He told the BBC: “This isn’t going to happen. I’m very happy serving the people of North East Somerset.

“That’s my role, that’s what I enjoy doing. I think to start putting oneself forward is a great mistake.

“Heaven knows next you’ll be offering me the papacy.”

Surely the time has come for JRM to receive the recognition he deserves, and more to the point, a cabinet position will be the next step towards the leadership of the party that so many of his followers are shouting for.