REVEALED: This is how much EU Brexit negotiators are being paid and people are NOT happy


The EU has revealed how much leading Brussels negotiators are being paid mainly thanks to the UK’s huge net contributions to the European Union

Brussels negotiator, Michael Barnier is grouped in one of the bloc’s top pay grades, reserved for director generals in the EU civil service, meaning he earns somewhere between £180,000 and £216,000 a year.

However, cabinet minister, Mr Davis picks up a basic salary of £141,505 a year from the UK Government, which is up to £75,000 less than his counterpart in Brussels.

Seeing as Mr Davis is actually elected and represents the UK, his large salary is justifiable.

Mr Barniers is not. The UK is paying for his enormous salary through membership fees. Thank goodness we are leaving!

Mr Barnier is also entitled to a raft of generous tax breaks and lavish expenses and perks which will boost his earnings considerably.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage told the Telegraph: “Unless our government calls the Brexit Bill bluff, the British taxpayer will be subsidising these ridiculously bloated wages for years to come.

“The situation is simply unacceptable. We have got to say, ‘We are leaving the EU and not a penny more for EU waste.’”

What do you think of these huge wages?

Are they deserved?

Let us know in the comments below!

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