Richard Branson WINS payout from NHS for LOSING contract to rival


The entrepreneur’s Virgin Care had bid to win the three-year continuation of a deal to provide children’s medical services in Surrey.

However, Virgin Care lost the contract to a competitor.

According to Virgin Care, there were “serious flaws in the procurement process”.

Virgin started legal proceedings against NHS England, Surrey County Council and six clinical commissioning groups

In a joint statement, Virgin Care and Guildford and Waverley CCG – the lead commissioner – said: “The parties are pleased to confirm that an agreed resolution on the litigation concerning the Surrey children’s procurement has been reached to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties with detailed terms confidential to the parties.”

The High Court case has now been settled in secret and a payout made.

Initial documents said Virgin was liable to £328,000 for the case. The figure was subsequently removed “the level of detail should not have been included in the report.”

How do you feel about your money leaving the NHS and funding Virgin Boss and remoaner, Richard Branson?

Richard Branson claims Brexit will be STOPPED because Brexiteers are ‘DYING OFF’

I don’t know about you, but I’m alive and well just like I was on the 23rd June 2016 when I voted to leave the European Union, however, Richard Branson probably won’t believe that.

The Virgin boss has caused outrage for saying:

“The older generation is dying off.

So whether there’s a second referendum before Brexit happens – I’m sure the Tory party will do their best not to allow that to happen – but I think within five years there will be a government in power in Britain that will ask Europe for a chance to let Britain re-enter.

“Because there will be so many young people who will be a little bit older by then and so many of the older grandparents who voted for Brexit will have died off, I think that Britain will become part of Europe again.”

He actually believes there will be another referendum ad the UK will join the EU.

Talking about Boris Johnson, he said: “There was a ghastly, ghastly misrepresentation of reality, a picture was pained that was completely unreal.”

“Britain was doing really well before the Brexit announcement,”

“Since the Brexit announcement, we’ve dropped to the bottom fall European countries, as far as Brexit is concerned, and this is just a taste of what is going to happen.

“I think Britain is going to continue sliding down and down. That’s very sad.”

Concluding, Branson praised the Irish for their European Union membership.

“I think the Irish people were very smart in changing their mind and I think Ireland has benefitted enormously from being part of Europe.”