Robert Peston roasts ‘PATRONISING’ John McDonnell for ‘muddling’ UK finances


Robert Peston roasted shadow chancellor John McDonnell for “patronising” the British public.

Mr McDonnell said: “The point I’m trying to get at is we do not want figures banded around about future investment, interest rates at a later date, that will then be used to frighten people off from properly supporting investment.

“Now the investment that we need is in our infrastructure to enable us to tackle the productivity problems that we’ve got.”

Robert Peston hit back saying:

“You’re patronising people aren’t you. The Institute for Fiscal Studies, we asked them what they thought the additional interest would be and they said, excluding nationalisation, they thought it would be around £2 billion a year.

“Which I presume you don’t think is a mad figure?”

Labour is hell-bent on borrowing money and spending more.

They try and use fancy words to justify their borrowing such as “Investment” but we all know it going to be spent and we’ll never get a yield or return on it.

That’s a fact.

WATCH: Nigel Farage DESTROYS Shadow Chancellor McDonnell for INCITING Day Of Rage protest

Nigel Farage has used his LBC radio show to DESTROY the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for inciting the ‘dangerous’ Day Of Rage protest against Theresa May’s government.

Once again, Mr Farage has used radio presence in the most effective way, and he pulled no punches when it came to his latest victim!

We would say that he read him the Riot Act, but that would be a poor choice of words considering the possibility of the ‘peaceful’ Day Of Rage protest descending into mindless violence just for the bloody sake of it.

The former Ukip leader, reading a listener’s message, said: “Theresa May cannot go just yet, the country is so much in need of stability at the moment and the stupid march won’t help at all.”

Mr Farage added: “I’m not sure this march is stupid, I think this march is dangerous.

“I don’t like a lot of the things that have been said by those on the hard-left over the course of the last few weeks.

“This idea and for John McDonnell… Fine, he may have dissociated himself from what happens in Parliament Square, but for him just over a week ago to be calling for a million people to be on the streets to bring down the Government… the whole point of having a democracy is you don’t need to take to the streets, you don’t need perhaps to move towards something that is intimidatory or even violent.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, I really hope that these people who want their day of rage, I hope they behave themselves because the eyes of the world will be on our country tomorrow.”

The reality here is that if there was genuinely enough of an appetite to end Tory rule, Labour would have enjoyed a far better ‘victory’ in the general election.

This seems to be a common tactic for people in this mindset.

Lose a democratic election, throw some toys out of the pram, take to the streets, post updates to social media on a £800 smartphone, quinoa salad, and back home in time for Countdown.

Perhaps Nigel Farage should encourage hard Brexit fans to take the streets and protest.

If he said ‘please behave yourselves,’ you can bet your bollocks to a barn dance that someone on the ‘left’ would accuse him of telling people to ‘smash stuff up.’