Ruth Davidson unleashes HILARIOUS jibe towards Nicola Sturgeon during debate


Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson have clashed once again.

The First Minister said: “Unfortunately for Ruth Davidson, the evidence doesn’t bear her out. The Scottish Fiscal Commission has, of course, got to do forecasts on our Budget and assess policies that we put forward.

“In the report, it published accompanying the draft Budget, what it said about our tax policies is that they would have no impact on the economy in the way that Ruth Davidson and her party are suggesting.

“So let’s cut to the chase here. The Scottish Government have put forward fair and progressive tax policies that will allow us to protect public services, reverse Tory cuts and support our businesses.

“The Tories want us to cut taxes for the very wealthiest in our society.

“So yes that is a difference between this Government and the Tories. Of course, we know from polling evidence that the majority of people in Scotland are on the side of this Government.”

To which the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson replied: “I’m not the one who just lost a third of my seats at the last election First Minister,”

“Presiding Officer. If the First Minister wants to talk about the Scottish Fiscal Commission, then let’s talk about Scottish Fiscal Commission.

“Because since this Scottish Budget debate began, we have learnt that the Scottish growth to the year from September was just 0.6 percent.

“And according to the Scottish Fiscal Commission’s projections, Scotland is heading for the longest period of low growth in 60 years. Addressing that is what this Budget should be trying to achieve and it simply fails to do so.”

Theresa May DEMANDS SNP chief to ‘Google it’ during fiery Brexit exchange

Theresa May hit back at Scottish National Party’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford telling him to ‘google it’.

Discussing this in the Commons, Mr Blackford said: “For the absence of any doubt can the Prime Minister tell the House today that in no circumstance will we be returning to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

“Let’s make that commitment tin this House today.”

The Prime Minister hit back, Mrs May blast: “He asked me to confirm in this house that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

“I have to say to him this is not the first time I have made this statement in this House. He can Google it and find from Hansard how many times I have said it.

“Indeed, if he listened to my statement and looked at my statement I said the joint report reaffirms our guarantee that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.”

“Northern Ireland is in a different position from Scotland. It is the only part of the United Kingdom which has a land border with a country that will remain in the European Union.

“And it is in fact already the case that there are a number of unique, specific solutions that pertain to the island of Ireland – the common electricity market, for example.”