Sadiq Khan SLAMMED for blaming London violent crime surge on ‘police cuts’


According to an article that has appeared in Breitbart London, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is wrong to blame a rise in violent crime in London on ‘police cuts’ when figures show that a significant number of officers could be diverted from working on hate crime investigations instead.

Modern policing is very much a matter of priorities and trying to come up with the most efficient use of resources and manpower, and so surely our brave police officers would be better off in a visible position on the streets of the capital than perhaps looking into hateful comments on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other more traditional forms of hate crime.

We should point out that it is clearly wrong to act in a manner that could be considered as ‘hateful’ both online and offline – we are merely saying that being on the frontline against violence on our streets has to take priority.

Breitbart’s report says:

Sadiq Khan is blaming the surge in recorded crime on falling police numbers — but figures show the annual decline could be plugged by redeploying ‘hate crime’ officers from London alone.

The London mayor has suggested that the crime wave overtaking England and Wales — and Britain’s multicultural capital, in particular — is a consequence of falling police numbers, in an opinion piece published by the left-liberal Guardian.

Figures reported elsewhere in the newspaper do show a fall of some 930 officers over the last 12 months, to 121,929 overall — but this represents a reduction in total manpower of less than 1 per cent.

Meanwhile, recorded crime rose by 14 per cent overall across 44 police force areas in England and Wales — including a 32 per cent rise in domestic burglary, a 29 per cent rise in robbery, a 23 per cent rise in sex offences, a 21 per cent rise in knife crime, and a 20 per cent rise in gun crime.

In fact, with the London alone boasting over 900 police officers “dedicated to investigating hate crime” — one of Khan’s top priorities as mayor — it seems likely that the annual fall could be more than adequately compensated by redeploying existing resources.

Perhaps a ‘common sense’ approach would finally see knife crimes and acid attacks get the attention that they so clearly deserve.

Hate is a terrible thing in society after all, but when you see the lifelong consequences of violent crime for the unfortunate victims it is clear where police resources should be deployed.