Sadiq Khan SLAMMED during LBC radio show about anti-terror strategy


The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been slammed during a radio show on LBC about his strategy for dealing with terror in the Capital. 


It’s fair to say that the whole encounter left him feeling ‘taken aback’ to say the least.

The conversation centred around London’s plans for the Prevent strategy – government issued guidelines for stopping the radicalisation of people in the first instance.

He was specifically asked what he was doing to tackle terrorism.

According to The Express: His response, along with the response of Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Sophie Linden, received a cold reception from host James O’Brien, who quipped: “You haven’t told us anything that you’re actually going to do.”

The slap down comes after Mr Khan was asked: “As the Mayor of London, what are you going to do to counteract radicalisation and extremism? What’s your view on the Government’s Prevent policy, which is often seen as vilifying innocent Muslims?”

The Labour party politician responded by saying “these are unprecedented times” and that “we need to understand the facts”.

He said: “Between the time and Lee Rigby was murdered [in 2013] and March of this year, because of the intelligence the community provides the police and the work that our police and security services do 13 separate terror attacks were thwarted between 2013 and 2016.

“Between March of this year and now there have been nine separate terror attacks, five have been thwarted, four haven’t and so we’ve got to recognise these are unprecedented times.”

He then said we had to make sure young people were “resilient” to those who wish to “brainwash” them before saying Prevent had not been “well-received by many communities”.

This is Labour all over – lots of lovely words without any details about actions.

To be fair, all Labour politicians now try and avoid any sort of conversation that could lead to numbers being quoted – nobody wants to do an Abbott, other than Abbott for some reason.

Khan has a massive job on his hands at a time when his city is at the centre of the world’s attention after a number of terror attacks in 2017.

Surely this would have been the perfect time for him to say ‘I am going to do x, y and z,’ like any good leader would do.

Is he actually a good leader though?