Saudi gang murder can’t be deported because he ‘devotes his time to charity’


Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m reading – this is one of those situations.

Thomas Girmay was part of a gang who tortured and robbed sex workers, however, a judge has ruled that the UK cannot deport the Saudi migrant as he ‘devotes his time to charity’.

Mr Girmay was granted the right to appeal despite being sentenced to 14 years in prison.

It really does make you wonder why this country allows people like him into the country.

According to judge Nadine Finch, Girmay “had also developed a business plan and was very keen to obtain employment when his immigration status permitted him to do so”, according to the judge, who said he would “suffer persecution” if deported to Eritrea, referencing a “real risk … of having to perform military National Service duties”.

The gang Thomas Girmay was part of targetted sex workers “because they were unlikely to go to the police”.

This man has added no benefit to our economy or our safety. He cost us money and should be deported immediately.

No questions asked.

Do you agree?

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