Scottish Tory leader HUMILIATES Jeremy Corbyn by saying that he SIDES WITH TERRORISTS


RUTH Davidson has accused Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell of “siding with terrorists” during a furious exchange on Question Time.

The Scottish Conservative leader did not hold back during a heated discussion with Labour MP Lisa Nandy over the content of Theresa May’s Article 50 document, which was delivered to Brussels on Wednesday.

Ms Nandy said the Government “is quite clearly threatening that we would remove our cooperation on security matters from the EU if we don’t get the free trade agreement that we want”.

She added: “That is a Prime Minister who appears to be suggesting that we would side with terrorists and we would prevent other European countries from getting information that would keep their citizens safe, knowing full well that in return that would prevent us from getting access that would keep our citizens safe as well.”

The Labour MP accused the Prime Minister of making “empty threats” to the remaining EU members and attacked Mrs May for so far refusing to clarify her remarks.

But Ms Davidson ruthlessly hit back at the Wigan MP, branding her comments “nonsense”.

She launched into a brutal attack on the Labour party, telling Ms Nandy what she really thought about Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Davidson said: “It is absolute nonsense, it is the worst kind of scaremongering who are siding with terrorists, as you put it, are your leader and shadow chancellor.

“Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are the only British politicians that side with terrorists in this country.”

When asked to clarify her point by host David Dimbleby, the Scottish Conservative leader responded: “Because they wanted the IRA to win.

“They walked past the people that wore the British Army uniforms, and they walked up to the bodies with the balaclavas and the bullets and the guns.”

Her attack was met with a big round of applause from the Question Time audience in Carlisle, which was represented by Labour for decades until Tory MP John Stevenson won the seat in the 2010 election.

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