NO DEAL! Theresa May ‘will IGNORE EU and negotiate individual deals with European nations’


A shock series of tweets from a respected Twitter account have claimed that Theresa May is ready to dramatically SNUB the European Union and their team of negotiators to ‘go it alone’ and negotiate individual deals with each relevant country.

The tweets have received a lot of shares and exposure, and it seems more and more likely to be true at a time when there are delays and constant ‘trash talking’ between our current Brexit Department and those on the other side in Brussels.

The ‘intel’ was posted by The Leave Alliance (@LeaveHQ) – it was put online in a series of small posts as Twitter has a limit of 140 characters:

1. Our intel is that May is going to announce in her speech that she’s to give formal notice to leave the EEA.

2. And, in an attempt to by-pass the Commission, extend an invitation to all the EEA members to enter into direct talks with the UK

3. This would be to create a new EEA Agreement, under a different name, without the four freedoms … just trading rules.

4. She’s not going to walk away, but it will be a take it or leave it offer. Either take it or we walk.

5. It would appear they are going with the Legatum template.

6. The idea that existing EEA members will seek to weaken their agreement is delusional. Close to insane.

7. If this is the UK proposal then May will end up with egg n her face and we’ll be back to square one – or walking away with nothing.

8. Government clearly misses the point that any deal must be substantially more than just trade.

9. The EU is not about to unpick the entire EEA agreement for the sole benefit of the UK. What is May smoking?

10. EEA agreement is configurable for the UK but anything beyond that is howling mad.

11. More to the point, the EU could not be any clearer that no talks on trade etc will happen until divorce terms agreed.

12. This smells like an attempt to circumvent the entire process. A refusal to engage. It will not succeed.


In a further tweet, the same account stated that the source of this intelligence could be rated ‘very highly.’

Even if this intelligence turns out to be rubbish, there will now be many who argue that it is a good idea!

If it is a legal possibility to stick two fingers up to Brussels in this manner, at the very least it could form a new bargaining chip to be thrown onto the table in front of Barnier and friends.