Shocking footage shows left wing gang storm Winston Churchill cafe screaming ‘Churchill was RACIST!’


Young left wing voters have stormed a Winston Churchill-themed cafe and claimed he was racist in bizarre protest.

One of the protesters said: “We cannot accept the unashamed colonial and gentrifying presence of this cafe.

“To the customer, we ask you that you boycott this cafe until they take the concerns of the community seriously.”

The group continued: “You will never make colonialism palatable!”

Cafe owner, Mr Evans blasted: “If you cannot celebrate Britain and great Britons you are just erasing history. And if you cannot celebrate Churchill, you cannot celebrate anyone.”

He told the Express: “It’s naive of the protesters to do this because if you take what they said on board then you cannot celebrate anyone, or any nation, because everyone, Churchill, me, you, are flawed.”

“I’d say to the protesters come in, have some tea, and let’s have a debate about it because if what you’re saying is that we cannot celebrate these leaders – does that mean that we cannot celebrate any human being ever?”

“My staff were very scared. They were shouting at them and telling our customers to boycott the place.

“They were telling us to change the name of our best selling breakfast ‘The Winston’ and another one named the ‘Gandhi.’ But they are so popular that we sell 500 of those a week.”

Without Winston Churchill we could all be speaking German right now and the world would be a very different place.

These young, left-wing creatures clearly do not understand the sacrifice Winston made for the country.

They should be ashamed.

Anger as Euro politician claims CHURCHILL would want Britain to REMAIN IN THE EU

A DANISH MEP has joined the chorus of Europhiles claiming Winston Churchill would have wanted the UK to remain inside the EU.

Morten Løkkegaard made the claim before the Brexit debate in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Attributing his belief to the book he has just read on the former British prime minister and war hero, the MEP said: “He tells of this myth that Churchill, the founding father of Europe, wouldn’t want the British to leave.

“If you look at the first five years, Churchill worked tirelessly for us to create what he called ‘United States of Europe’.

“If he experienced what the British are up to today, I think… when the British withdraw from the club, his entire vision is falling on the floor.”

The claim Mr Churchill would have wanted the UK to stay in the European Union, comes after Guy Verhofstadt in February sparked fury by quoting the war-time PM.

Referring to the 60th anniversary of the treaty which established the European Economic Community – he spoke about Sir Winston’s attempts to take the UK into the EU’s predecessor after the Second World War.

During the debate on the future of the EU, the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator, said: “It all started with a historical speech by Winston Churchill at the University of Zurich in 1946.

“A year later, in ’47 in Albert Hall in London, Churchill, the British bulldog, made it very clear what he wanted.

“He said, and I quote, ‘I present the idea of a united Europe in which all countries [including] Britain will play a decisive part as a member of the European family.”

He continued to speak about the former British prime minister’s failed attempt to persuade MPs to vote in favour of joining the European Coal and Steel Community a few years later.

“Moreover it’s good to remember that Churchill, the prime minister at the time, wanted Britain to participate in the European Steel and Coal community.

“But he lost the vote in the British Parliament, with 309 against 296, a small difference I should say.”

Mr Verhofstadt, who previously claimed Sir Winston would have “deeply regretted” June’s referendum result, came under fire for the remarks.

Independent MEP for South East England instantly took to social media to condemn the Belgian politician.

Janice Atkinson tweeted: “In debate ‘Future of the EU’. @guyverhofstadt misrepresenting Churchill on EU. Still, they know there’s no EU future”.

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