SHOCKING survey reveals that more than 33% of Brits SUPPORT Trump travel ban


In a poll conducted by Sky Data, it has been revealed that more than 33% of Brits SUPPORT the travel ban imposed by Donald Trump.

The same survey also showed that 38% of the participants would welcome Donald Trump to the United Kingdom.

1,091 people took part in the poll, and it shows that while a huge amount of weight has been thrown behind the official petition to block the president’s state visit there are still a number of people in Britain who are partially in agreement with Trump’s approach.

Perhaps the most telling statistic came when the results were broken down region by region. A whopping 77% of all London-based respondents indicated that they were anti-Trump, which is clearly in line with the fact that London was an area that voted in favour of ‘Remain’ in the referendum.

Is this just another example of the growing disconnect between London and the rest of England and Wales?

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