SIGN AND SHARE: Petition to make sure government doesn’t send Brussels A SINGLE PENNY MORE


A petition has been launched on the official UK government website to make sure that we do not send Brussels a single penny more in any sort of Brexit settlement.

This campaign for a single Brexit bill comes at a time when all kinds of crazy settlement figures are being quoted and demanded left, right and centre – however the petition has already had more than 3,000 signatures.


As it has been accepted for publication on the official government petition website, it will automatically receive a government response if it reaches 10,000 signatures.

More importantly, if it reaches 100,000 supporters it MUST be considered for a debate in parliament, and this sort of achievement would send a huge message to our leaders that we are not prepared to send ‘a single penny more’ of our own taxpayers’ money to Brussels.

The text of the petition reads:

The EU is demanding more and more of taxpayers money to be paid to them as we leave as a ‘divorce settlement’. We have paid them too much money already. Legally we owe them nothing so no more money should be sent to them.

Stop all payments to them including both the ‘divorce settlement’ and any further payments after March 2019 when we leave.

The article that you are reading now has already been posted to more than 350,000 people across social media – therefore it is clear that you could all make a massive difference by signing it.

Carry on reading to find out why our Brexit settlement should be ZERO!

The Facebook and YouTube political commentator Political Brit has just released a new video where he completely DESTROYS weak British politicians and EU negotiators over the £100 billion Brexit Divorce Bill.

Rupert’s videos have steadily gained thousands and thousands of views since he launched his Facebook and YouTube channels a few months ago, and in his latest rant the young star makes it perfectly clear that the EU doesn’t deserve a single penny from the United Kingdom.

He even goes further to say that they would owe the United Kingdom the same amount of money if they insisted upon forcing us to pay the massive sum!

All that Rupert is doing here is saying exactly what millions of people in Britain are thinking.

In the event that Barnier, Verhofstadt and everyone else at the top in Brussels try to push this huge bill on Britain before we leave, surely we would be better off just walking away without a deal?

Rupert also feels that there is ‘no strength’ in British politics in any party at the moment, which is why he thinks that the EU are inclined to push us around and try to extract as much money as possible from our country.

He slams everyone who is pushing for a soft Brexit, with strong words for anyone who thinks that it is a good idea to keep access to the Single Market, Customs Union or any other feature of Brussels rule.

You can watch more of Political Brit’s videos on his Facebook Page.

Find out more about Rupert below.

I think it’s important to share my experience as a new adult. 

My Brexit journey started at secondary school with the 2015 election, and this is where I first heard about Nigel Farage.
All of my teachers openly called him a ‘racist,’ and like all of the other kids I believed them, at first.
Then when I started to question as to why he was racist my teachers would just look at me in amazement.
So I did what any good teenager does, I rebelled and supported UKIP.
I was literally called every bogus buzzword under the sun.
I couldn’t even discuss politics with these people as cries of “but…you’re…racist!” tended to end discussions fairly quickly.
So something ‘jokes’ happened, we had a school mock election.
I led a mini campaign of sorts for my mates to vote UKIP, and I was successful.
UKIP won the school mock election, to the teachers’ dismay and disappointment (there was a picture in my local paper, the Henley Standard, of me and my mates with huge smiles and my teachers looking angry that their state- subsidised propaganda didn’t work.
I also have some stories of me being sent to the head teacher for being a humanist and not a feminist, but that’s for another time!
Then at college I’ve been facing massive opposition from everyone in my classes (for context I do History, RS and Drama).
This is mainly because I was one of the only students at college that believed in Brexit, and I also won a lot of money from a bet on Donald Trump to win, but again that’s for another time.
It was in my Drama class that I faced constant opposition, these alleged ‘liberals’ barely spoke to me and on occasion would refuse to work with me, oh and all the time I was being called a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘far-right fascist.’
The worst part of it was that my teachers went along with it, my history teacher being particularly bad.
There were constant implications and subtle accusations that I was a fascist and a Nazi.
On the day Trump was elected I went to college with a ‘Hillary for Prison t-shirt and a MAGA hat, let’s say I wasn’t very popular.
However, the funny thing was that the two political friends I made at college that agreed with me on Trump and Brexit were Jewish and black.
Something that irritated me was that I was called a Nazi (probably because I’m white) and yet my great grandmother, Anna Matilda Fryer, was the daughter of a slave (I’m literally descended from the slave trade in British Guyana).
These people are so indoctrinated, that my mate who was a ‘person of colour,’ to be PC, was being called racist by white liberals. I think a lot of liberals need to #checkyourprivilege!
Anyway thats my short experience summed up relatively quickly and consisely. I also have a YouTube channel: Political Brit