SIGN & SHARE: New petition for Sadiq Khan to be SACKED as Mayor of London


A new petition has appeared online to get Sadiq Khan removed from his position as the Mayor of London after the anti-Brexit Labour politician has been reported making a number of recent remarks that are designed to try and frustrate or derail the process of leaving the European Union.

This included Mr Khan stating that he wanted to continue flying the EU flag outside city hall, along with comments about the fact that Brexit could be STOPPED altogether!

The online campaign has been started by an individual named as C. A. Haughton, and you can sign and share the petition here.

It reads: Sadiq Khan is not standing for the people of Britain in his role as Mayor of London. Therefore he should be removed from the privilege of that office.

He described suffering terrorist attacks as part & parcel of living in a big city. We have seen three major attacks in 2017 alone and in his campaign he promised he had a solution.

He started a #LondonIsOpen Campaign after the majority of British public had voted to Brexit from the EU mainly due to fears and effects of mass immigration.

He started and fuelled a spat with the highly popular President of the United States Donald Trump saying he should not be allowed a state visit to Britain.

He continues to allow anti-Semitic marches to take place in London that support terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.

He showed no constructive solution to the Grenfell Tower fire disaster or the terrorist attacks on the capital.

He ultimately has not represented or served the British people well and therefore has not done his job as Mayor of London.

The UK feels more disrespected & unsafe than ever and it has a lot to do with the mayor of our capital city, Sadiq Khan.

He has shown no support for the voice of the British people, or our values & it is time for him to step down.

Lets make the City of London great again starting with the end of Sadiq Khan’s time as mayor.

A similar petition on the platform reached more than 60,000 supporters a few months ago, so a similar turnout for this one will help maintain pressure on one of Britain’s biggest enemies of Brexit.