Birmingham-based Somali gang jailed for 60 years for rape and torture of woman


Three Birmingham-based gangsters of Somali origin have been jailed for 60 years combined after they were found guilty of raping and torturing a woman in a horrific series of attacks. 

According to a report in The Birmingham Mail:

The members of a group known as The Chyna Crew humiliated and sexually assaulted a woman who acted as a runner for other pushers.

The same gang also blasted the door of a suspected dealer’s base with a shotgun and stabbed a man they believed to be selling heroin in competition to them.

The attacks happened as The Chyna Crew, all of Somalian origin, tried to take over the lucrative market in hard drugs in Exeter in February.

The city’s crown court heard the 28-year-old woman was raped by all three men.

She was also held at knifepoint, slapped, ordered to kiss their feet, drink toilet water, and address them as King Chyna.

The shocking incident was related to an ‘ongoing turf war’ with other drugs gangs.

Unfortunately it is now being reported in more and more built up areas of the United Kingdom that Somali criminals are running a variety of organised crime operations.

It has to be asked exactly how these incredibly dangerous men were able to gain access to Britain in the first place.

Abdirahman Abukar, 19, of Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, Abdirahman Kadir, 21, of no fixed address, and Ibrahim Mohammed, 18 all denied the charges before being found guilty.

Concluding, Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC said:

He told the men: “You came to Exeter to sell drugs but the crimes of which you have been convicted are vastly more serious.

“They were committed to establish and reinforce the position of your drugs gang as a supplier of heroin and cocaine in Exeter in what has been described as a turf war with other dealers.

“The kidnap and rape by each of you was committed against a vulnerable young woman who was involved with a rival gang.

“You threatened this young woman, you humiliated her.

“You kidnapped her and used her for your own sexual satisfaction and raped her.

“She submitted to what you did because she was terrified. You have done untold damage to her.

“These are very serious offences which simply will not be tolerated in this city, or indeed anywhere else.”

As the verdicts were read out, one of the men even had the cheek to face the jury and shout ‘you’re all racist.’