Soros responds to Brexiteers and it’s not good


Billionaire George Soros has responded to Brexiteers for their ‘smear campaign’ against him.

Mr Soros recently donated £400,000 to ‘Best for Britain’, an organisation committed to stopping Brexit.

In response to the ‘smear campaign’ against him and his actions in recent days, Mr Soros has pledged another £100,000 to his anti-Brexit campaign after he said that engineering a “mere reversal” of the EU referendum result is not enough.

He said: “I am happy to take the fight to those who have tried to use a smear campaign not arguments to prop up their failing case.”

“A mere reversal of the 52:48 majority for Brexit is not enough. The majority for staying would have to be significantly larger to convince Europe that Britain’s attitude towards Europe has fundamentally changed and its decision deserves to be taken seriously.

“The trend is moving in the right direction. The question is how its momentum can be accelerated so that it reaches a tipping point in the next six to nine months.”

The reason why we should be worried about this is that Mr Soros is an extremely powerful man with nearly unlimited resources.

He could donate hundreds of millions to campaigns to stop Brexit if he so wishes.

Best for Britain’s chief executive, Eloise Todd said: “We live in a democracy, and the right to freedom of speech is precious. Elements of the rightwing press don’t seem to agree,”

“The UK’s future with the EU is not a done deal, there is still a vote to come and people across the country deserve to know the truth about the options on the table, one of which is staying and leading in the EU.

“George Soros and his foundation is kindly offering to help match-fund to give Best for Britain more support so we can make sure this message gets out, the biggest decision on Brexit is yet to come.”

British government declares WAR on Billionaire anti-Brexit donor Soros with huge ULTIMATUM

Prominent figures within the British government have effectively declared war on the Hungarian billionaire financier and huge anti-Brexit donor George Soros, with multiple figures speaking out and the Brexiteer MP Iain Duncan-Smith even demanding that Best For Britain gives back the £400,000 that he has donated to their cause.

Within the last couple of days, it has emerged that Soros’ organisations have donated far more than £400,000 to a number of pro-Remain institutions, with the latest figure being reported by The Sun as more than an eye-watering £700,000!

In other words, that is £700,000 coming from a source who is not even a British citizen, but just someone from the outside who is channeling money into the fight for a second EU referendum.

According to the report in The Sun:

Furious Lord Lamont, the Tory chancellor plunged into a recession by George Soros’ mammoth bet against the Pound 25 years ago, told him to “stick to finance”.

The Tory peer said: “It seems very perverse and odd for the Soros foundation, which exists to promote democracy, to seek to undermine democracy in this way.

“George Soros is a brilliant financier, but he should stick to finance and stay out of British politics.”

Tory Eurosceptic Iain Duncan Smith demanded Best for Britain hand back the £400,000. He told the Sun: “He’s not a British citizen and therefore can’t even vote. Therefore I expect by tomorrow all decency demands they hand the money back and say ‘No thank you’.”

Hungarian-born George Soros’ £400,000 grant to Best for Britain was revealed yesterday by the Daily Telegraph.

Amid rumours he’d actually donated nearly £1 million, his Open Society Foundation last night admitted to a further £303,000-worth of grants to other organisations.

Some £182,000 was given to the European Movement – a cross-party group “committed to keeping the UK in the EU”.

A further £35,000 has gone to Scientists for EU and £86,000 to Bright Blue, a Tory think tank whose chief backed ‘Remain’.

We have to express huge respect towards people like Lamont and Smith who have the guts to take a stand against the financier, a man who has an unimaginable amount of power due to his wealth and friends.

The fact that Soros’ fun and games have had a tangible, devastating effect upon the United Kingdom in the past make his latest attempts to thwart the will of the people even more disgraceful, and we already know that the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller was someone who has benefitted from this man’s financial input previously in her capacity as Best For Britain’s founder.

People will never forget that Soros made a huge ‘bet’ against the pound 25 years ago that plunged the Bank of England, and therefore the financial stability of the entire nation, into a huge crisis.

And yet here we are in 2018 with the same man threatening to wreak a similar level of havoc many, many miles away from his native Hungary.

We agree with the sentiments of a recent Daily Mail front cover that told him to BUTT OUT of British politics.

After all, the Leave victory was a victory for ‘the little people,’ and we will not tolerate any of the old guard trying to ruin it!