Spain wants to DEFY EU ORDERS and start post-Brexit trade talks with Britain


Spanish Government officials have publicly expressed their urge to start post-Brexit trade talks with Britain as soon as possible – however this stance goes against the current position of key negotiators in Brussels.

The Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said to the Financial Times that trade talks during the negotiation stages of the Brexit divorce would be beneficial for both parties. 

Such talks would also bring stability and confidence in the UK’s economy and hence result in a stronger pound.

“It would actually be good, while we speak about the separation, to also define where we want to be in terms of a new framework” said Dastis.

“We are interested in getting a result that is good for both sides. We won’t give up that interest for the sake of strict procedural requirements.”

The Spanish Foreign Minster also expressed how he does not believe that Britain should be “punished” for leaving the EU.

Do you agree with this Spanish approach? Does it show the first rumblings of a Spanish EU rebellion and a possible exit in the future? Let us know what you think at 


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