Ten reasons why NIGEL FARAGE should be Prime Minister


Everyone knows that it’s a political impossibility at the moment in the United Kingdom, but it cannot be denied that there are many people who think that Nigel Farage would make a fantastic Prime Minister. 

At Your Brexit, we sat down and tried to think of ten reasons why. Let us know if you can think of any more at info@yourbrexit.co.uk. 

He masterminded Brexit – Say what you want about the official Vote Leave campaign who wanted nothing do with Nigel, but everyone knows that he was Mr Brexit, period. His powerful victory speech outside Westminster when dawn broke on 24th June was ridiculed by many, but he bloody well deserved that moment in the spotlight. 

He acted with dignity – When the referendum campaign got nasty, not only was he shunned by the official Vote Leave politicians (apart from Liam Fox and Gisela Stuart who were happy to share a platform with him), but he was also subjected to a horrific level of abuse from the Remain camp. Did he stoop to their level? Did he b*llocks! He calmly batted it all away and stormed to victory. 

He is an unbelievable public speaker – Does he ever carry notes or read off a screen? If he does, he hides it very well! Every speech he gives seems to come from the heart, and during the referendum campaign he knew exactly how to speak to his supporters and ‘soon to be’ supporters at their level. While the Remainians and even President Obama were talking down to the Great British public, Nigel got his tone spot on. 

He is a friend of Trump – Like it or not, Donald Trump is in power until at least 2020. When The Donald asked Nigel to speak at one of his campaign rallies, it was an incredible endorsement of his character as a politician. When it comes to maintaining the ‘special relationship,’ surely we would want someone who is deeply respected by the Trump administration. 

He had one career goal, he achieved it – People mock the fact that Nigel has failed to become an MP on multiple occasions, but the fact remains that his top career goal was to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union. He achieved that goal – enough said!

He is ‘a tad quirky’ – The British public is sick to the back teeth of the same old type of politician who is all ‘hot air.’ Nigel is also full of this ‘hot air,’ but at the same time he backs it up with an unbelievable commitment to getting the job done. Compare his record to other ‘hot air’ politicians who have achieved bugger all!

He knows how to lose – David Cameron lost the referendum, and off he trotted – see what we did there? Nigel Farage took knock after knock in his political career, and look where he is now. DC sneaked away, which Nigel quit UKIP at the top of his game and there is more to come!

He has ‘balls’ – Consider this simple fact. He has spent almost two decades as a member of the European Parliament, sitting at the heart of the very organisation that he very publicly wants to dismantle! He has now achieved the first step, and if that isn’t ‘ballsy’ then we don’t know what is. It’s like wearing an Arsenal shirt at White Hart Lane!

He likes a pint and a fag – How many people are sick of the ‘Nanny State’ saying that smoking and drinking are bad for you? OK we all know that they probably are bad for you (unless in moderation), but it’s another sign that he is in touch with the very people that existing career politicians are sticking two fingers up towards. 

He made national pride acceptable again – Being proud to be British has become frowned upon in recent years, with too many people prepared to instantly cry ‘racism’ at the first sign of a Union Jack or a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the wall. The simple fact is that you can love your country without turning into a frothing fascist. 

Any more reasons to add? Email info@yourbrexit.co.uk and you could be featured in your own Your Brexit blog. 


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