The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has just attacked the UK for ABANDONING THE EU


The chief negotiator of the European Union Michel Barnier has attacked the United Kingdom in an extraordinary speech for supposedly ‘abandoning the European Union.’

Perhaps this is their latest Brexit negotiation tactic, to try and guilt trip our own negotiators into just giving in and paying the EU exactly what they are demanding.

Some may argue that it is already working!

According to a report in The Express:

The EU’s chief negotiator said talks on all three key divorce issues are “continuing in a constructive spirit” despite claims on both sides that a deal on cash is done.

In a speech to the Berlin Security Conference this morning he also accused Britain of abandoning the EU in its time of need after a series of deadly terror attacks struck the continent.

He said that as Europe was reeling from atrocities carried out by followers of the Islamic State group, the UK had decided to leave the club rather than “stand shoulder to shoulder” with its allies.

He scolded: “Never had the need to be together, to protect ourselves together, to act together been so strong, so manifest. Yet rather than stay shoulder to shoulder with the Union, the British chose to be on their own again.”

However, the Frenchman called for an “ambitious” partnership with post-Brexit Britain including wide-ranging cooperation on defence, with the bloc pressing ahead with plans for its own army.

Sorry Michel – there is a world of difference between ‘abandoning’ it and realising that our future is very much better elsewhere.

The United Kingdom is doing itself a huge favour by getting out, and hopefully other EU member nations will see the light and follow suit in the future.

Brexit is our gift to them! Let’s just hope that they have the sense to accept it.

If they don’t, at least when the whole project goes belly-up in the future we can say that we tried to warn them!

Michael Barnier confirms EU is ready for a ‘NO DEAL’

h3>The EU’s lead negotiator, Michael Barnier has confirmed that the European Union is ready for a ‘no deal’.

Mr Barnier said: “A no deal is not our scenario even though we would be ready for it. The no deal option comes up so often in British public debate but only those who ignore, or want to ignore, current benefits of EU membership would say no deal would be positive option.”

He said calls for the UK to “cherry pick” aspects of EU membership were not based in truth.

Mr Barnier said: “Those who claim the UK should cherry pick from parts of the single market should stop. The single market is a package with four indivisible freedoms. The UK knows these rules very well, like the back of its hand.

“The EU has set itself free from EU bureaucracy, some claim.

“Ladies and gentlemen, none of these views seem to offer a sound basis for going forward.”

This is very forward speaking from Mr Barnier. It does seem like the clock is ticking and a no deal is the only realistic outcome.