The Independent just used a clip of Blair and Farage to attack the ex-UKIP leader, and it backfired MASSIVELY


You may have seen an article in The Independent (perish the thought) earlier today about a video of Nigel Farage and Tony Blair in the European Parliament being ‘unearthed’ from 2005, and like the predictable lefties that we’ve come to know and love they decided to try and use it to portray Blair as some sort of ‘Pro-EU Superman’ taking on the evil, dastardly Nigel Farage.

You can see the article here, or if you prefer the YouTube clip is below if you would rather forego the libby-wibby Nige-bashing …

First things first – nobody has ‘unearthed’ anything – this clip has been circulating on YouTube constantly for a number of years, mainly because it shows that Nigel’s points about Britain capitulating to the French and Brussels are just as relevant now as they were in 2005.

The Indy are calling it a ‘takedown’ and they are absolutely bang on – apart from the fact that it is Nigel taking down Tony Blair in such an emphatic fashion.

If you look beyond the sycophantic applause for Tony Blair after his ‘this is 2005, not 1945 bulls*t,’ all you will see in this video is Nigel Farage making a number of pertinent points about not only Blair’s shambolic presidency of the club, but also the European Union in general.

He said that the EU hadn’t had its accounts ‘signed off’ for 11 years, and named a number of other key areas of concern, and all that Blair could do was respond with personal insult after personal insult.

That’s the thing – when you know that an argument is lost, that is the only way to hit back.

Blair obviously had the balls to accuse Farage of ‘not representing the people of Britain’ because he was surrounded by people of a similar mindset of ‘Europe at all costs’ – no wonder the irrelevant little worm continues to be one of Brexit’s biggest opponents!

All that The Indy has done here is highlight a fantastic case of Farage sticking it to Blair in emphatic fashion, and people are letting them know this in the Facebook comments that accompany the article.

They have inadvertently given their millions of followers a unique opportunity to witness Farage in one of his finest moments.