Theresa May attacks CLOSET REMOANER Philip Hammond in statement over free movement

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When Theresa May’s spokesperson confirmed today that free movement from the European Union into the United Kingdom will end in March 2019, she also launched a very public attack on the closet Remoaner Philip Hammond who has recently been promoting the idea of free movement continuing until March 2019.

At the start of the statement, her spokesperson remarked that Britain was not looking for an ‘off the shelf’ solution to post-Brexit immigration controls.

Ouch. Poor Philip. Only last week the Chancellor Of The Exchequer said that he was looking for EXACTLY that!

Here’s the rest of the statement in full: “Free movement will end in March 2019. We’ve published proposals on citizens’ rights. Last week the Home Secretary said there would be a registration system for EU nationals arriving post-March 2019. 

“Other elements of the post-Brexit immigration system will be brought forward in due course. 

“It would be wrong to speculate on what these might look like or to suggest that free movement will continue as it is now.” 

With Mrs May prepared to effectively humiliate a member of her own cabinet so publicly without giving it a moment’s thought, perhaps it would be wise to visit the local betting office and check the odds in Hammond losing his position as Chancellor before the year is out.

Perhaps even the month.

In case you are interested, a petition for this to happen has recently rocketed to more than 25,000 signatures and the creator has even thanked Your Brexit readers for their support.

You can read more and check it out here. it is well worth signing it and sharing it so that you can express your disgust at the current situation.

We need a top-level Cabinet where everyone is moving forward in the same direction. No watering down, no softening, just the HARD BREXIT that we all voted for!