Theresa May BLASTS Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minster’s Questions


‘He can lead a protest, I CAN LEAD A COUNTRY’ – May ATTACKS Corbyn for Anti-Trump rant. 

During Prime Minsters Questions Theresa May extravagantly expressed to the house how the leader of the opposition would have been unable to receive a “100% guaranteed backing of NATO” by the US President Donald Trump. 

This was along with other guarantees such as a bilateral trade deal with our closest ally, reinstating the “special relationship” between the two nations.

The leader of the opposition expressed how he wishes to stop Donald Trump’s planned state visit, mainly due to Trumps previous remarks coupled with the executive order to temporarily halt travel of citizens from seven of the worlds most dangerous countries entering the United States.

Mrs May mocked Mr Corbyn’s protest regarding the temporary travel ban.

Mrs May said: “The job of government is not to take to streets in protest. The job of government is to protect the interest of British citizens.”

However, Mrs May did acknowledge that the refugee ban from predominately Muslim countries was “Wrong”.


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