Theresa May to clamp down on immigration and charge migrants MORE to use NHS


The Prime Minister revealed the Conservative manifesto today which included clamping down on immigration with plans to get the net figures below 100,000 a year

Mrs May is set to announce extra costs for employers who hire non-EU immigrants in skilled jobs by doubling the Skills Charge.

The Skills Charge relates to companies applying for visas for non-EU migrants to come to the UK to work, and the Tory plans would increase annual charges to a maximum of £2,000 per employee.

The revenue will be used to boost funding for skills training for British workers.

The Conservatives are committed to withdrawing the United Kingdom from the European Union, including the single market and customs union.

Such actions will give the government the power to have complete control over immigration and get the net numbers back down.

For far too long, mass uncontrolled immigration from the EU and other parts of the world have had a negative effect on wages and increased pressure on the UKs infrastructure, National Health Services and education system.

Many see these ‘new’ Conservative policies to be inspired by UKIP, which in turn has pushed the Tories more to the right, completely dismantling UKIPs fanbase.

The Tory manifesto will argue that “when immigration is too fast and too high, it is difficult to build a cohesive society”.

As the Prime Minister embarked on her election campaign last month, she told a crowd in Enfield: “We want to see sustainable net migration in this country. I believe that sustainable net migration is in the tens of thousands.

“Leaving the European Union enables us to control our borders in relation to people coming from the EU, as well as those who are coming from outside.”

Among other manifesto pledges set to be revealed tomorrow is a bold plan to tackle the social care crisis – by taking measures to stop elderly people selling their homes so they can afford care.