This Brexiteer just blasted the speakers comments on Brexit


Conservative MP and Breixteer, Andrew Bridgen, slammed the speakers comments over Brexit and Trump.

The House of Commons speaker, Mr Bercrow is supposed to remain neutral on political issues.

The Tory Brexiteer told Sky News: “I think he’s overstepped the mark historically with regard to his open remarks with regard to Brexit when he’s going to be in the chair for a lot of sensitive debates around us leaving the European Union.

“And also his remarks about Donald Trump saying that he would ban Donald Trump from speaking in Westminster Hall.

“Mr Speaker, John Bercow is quite at liberty to hold those views privately but given his political position as speaker of the House of Commons, he shouldn’t be able to trumpet them from the rooftops as he does and that’s wrong.”

John Bercow is also at risk of a vote of no confidence over allegations of bullying a former a parliamentary member of staff.

The speaker has been seen implying that the UK should have a second vote on Brexit.

He said during a speech in January: “Democracy is not just about one vote once every five years or one vote once on a particular issue causing all argument on that matter to be considered legitimately shut down,” he said.

“That is not the way democracy works. Democracy is a dynamic concept. People who are on the losing side are not obliged to accept that their view has been lost forever and they are perfectly entitled to continue to argue for it.”

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