This is how much EU is bribing students for free European travel


The European Union is set to introduce plans which will allow free rail travel for students who turn 18 in Europe

It looks like the failing European Union is doing anything it can to bribe young people to support their failing project.

The EU will splash £2 billion on the project which will encourage young people to travel around the continent.

The Express reported:

“The European Parliament is preparing to give a free InterRail pass to everyone when they turn 18 for railway lines in 30 countries, including Swiss Alps and Norwegian fjords.

The idea was proposed a year ago but an EU Budgetary Committee report last month called on the EU Commission to approve it.

Eurosceptic campaigners Get Britain Out said it cost £2billion – a fifth of the UK’s annual £10billion contribution to the EU budget.

Using Eurostat figures, the cross-party group of Brexiteers calculates that 15.6 per cent of the EU’s 510.3 million people are 18 or under – averaging 5,307,120 in each year group.

European Parliament promotional material suggests InterRail tickets that cover Europe cost £188 to £449, depending on how long the trip is and how many days are spent travelling.

If every 18-year-old took the offer up it would cost between £997,738,560 and £2,382,896,880 a year.

German news service Tagesschau costed the proposals at £1.3billion per year assuming a 50 to 70 per cent take-up.”

It’s obvious at what the EU is trying to achieve.

They are promoting free movement of people as much as possible, while at the same time trying to cover up the disastrous migrant crisis which is nothing less than an invasion by economic migrants.