This is why a NO DEAL BREXIT would be a NIGHTMARE for France


You may remember that part of Nigel Farage’s ‘victory speech’ to the European Parliament when he famously said that a ‘no deal Brexit’ would be far worse for them than it would be for us, and the latest news from France is evidence that Nigel knew EXACTLY what he was talking about!

It has been reported in the media today that a number of ports on the North Coast of France have launched a campaign to stop there being a ‘hard Brexit,’ let alone a ‘no deal Brexit’ – therefore it is clear that panic has set in across the Channel.

Because of their location, it is obvious that they are heavily dependent upon the United Kingdom for their prosperity, which is why it is almost laughable when you read the constant Brexit-bashing from the French side about taking a hard line.

Ultimately they will only be hurting themselves!

According to a report in the Financial Times today:

As the man in charge of the French region nearest the British coast, Xavier Bertrand says he will not watch quietly as the UK negotiates its way out of the EU.

The president of the northern Hauts-de-France region has much to lose if talks go awry and lead to a hard Brexit. His constituency comprises Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Dunkirk, respectively France’s largest passenger port, its biggest fishing port and number three cargo hub.

Now, with the financial settlement between the EU and UK secured and talks set to move on to trade, Mr Bertrand is urging President Emmanuel Macron to break ranks with Brussels and defend France’s interests.

Much of the debate on the economic impact of Brexit has focused on the adverse effects it will have on the UK.

But the fear in Hauts-de-France is that Brexit could have a similarly negative effect on its economy by disrupting trade with the UK, threatening a fragile recovery in a region where de-industrialisation has fuelled a rise in support for the far-right National Front.

“I am pushing the government . . . The divorce is settled, we must go full steam ahead” to influence the trade negotiations, says Mr Bertrand, a former centre-right labour minister.

“Let’s not be naive. I don’t want my region to be outpaced by others.”

WATCH campaigner Gina Miller in FURIOUS RANT at UKIP politician, ‘DON’T MAKE THIS PERSONAL!’

Channel 4 has been sharing some of their most memorable moments from 2017, and this has included the broadcast where the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller launched into a furious rant at the UKIP politician Patrick O’Flynn and accused him of making the argument personal.

In reality, O’Flynn was simply making the point that Miller’s stance was based upon the attitude of many ‘well to do’ London households who cannot accept the result of the referendum.

A fair point in our opinion. After all, it is now well-known that the wealthy Remoaner London elite have a serious problem with Brexit and will generally do anything to stop it in its tracks.

It’s also well worth pointing out that the video has already seen nearly one million views in just a few days – struck a nerve there have we Patrick?

According to Channel 4:

Best of 2017: “You put me in a box and you don’t know who I am, so how dare you presume to know who I am.”

This is the moment Gina Miller, who brought the Article 50 case to the Supreme Court, responds to UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn’s claim she represented a “high earning London household used to getting their own way”.

This is something that we have suspected all along, and we are still convinced that Miller’s actions were a direct affront to the very democratic values that this country’s political system is based upon.

In June 2016, the people sent out a clear message that the EU’s influence was no longer welcome in the United Kingdom.

When talking in terms of percentages, the winning margin was a small one for the Leave camp, but in terms of raw voter numbers there was a difference of more than ONE MILLION VOTES.

The comments on the video are predictably brutal.

This is a good point. If we are now at the stage where everything can be challenged if you have deep enough pockets or an army of crowdfunders, surely someone could challenge why we were taking into the European Union in the first place!

Was Chuka Umunna in that video? Can’t say we noticed.

Yep she’s just one of us everyday folk – didn’t you realise this already?

The referendum result handed a mandate to our elected government to get the job done. It did not give the green light for all and sundry to try and throw a spanner in the works!

Just who is pulling the strings here. Something doesn’t seem quite right …