Thousands take to the streets of Italy to demand the country leaves the EU


Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Italy to protest and demand that the country leaves the European Union.

The EuroStop movement organised the day of action, with many of the protestors demanding both a withdrawal from the single European currency and an end to their membership of the EU.

A number of banners made the point that the EU is more like a ‘mafia,’ and it seems that political and economic troubles for the country are being blamed in part on their continued participation in then failing bloc.

According to The Express:

Thousands of anti-EU protesters voiced their fury at Brussels yesterday in one of the largest ever demonstrations against the European bloc to take place in Italy.

The scale of the protest shocked police officers, and even prompted the local US embassy to issue a security alert, warning of up to “10,000 people on the streets”.

Among the urgent demands of the young protesters was an immediate Italian exit of the EU as well as a departure from the eurozone.

This follows polls yesterday that will alarm officials in Brussels, as eurosceptism remains on the rise in the country and anti-EU parties resurgent.

The large-scale protest, organised by more than 40 social and political groups, voiced opposition to Brussels as well as the current national government.

Led by the ‘EuroStop’ political movement, the march had to be delayed for an hour yesterday morning following higher than expected turnout

Slogans chanted by the crowd included “Break the European Union and euro cage” and “No to the EU mafia”.

In the United Kingdom, we have already woken up to the EU’s doomed future, and it now seems that we have inspired other populations to rise up and demand a similar outcome for their own nations.

Read on to find out more about why Italy is falling out of love with the European Union.

There are growing concerns that the Italian government is on the verge of losing patience with EU leaders over the handling of the refugee crisis, and according to a number of reports officials are ready to just hand visas to 200,000 migrants who have arrived in the Mediterranean nation.

When you bear in mind that Italy is part of the Schengen Agreement, this is very worrying news as these people would then essentially be free to go anywhere within the European Union.

As it has been estimated that more than 86,000 migrants have illegally entered Italy in 2017 alone, it is clear that Italian politicians are already thinking that the country is at ‘breaking point.’

Italy’s geographical positions means that it is accessible using a number of the treacherous routes that have been unofficially established by people smugglers over the last few years, particularly for those who are fleeing Libya.

According to the excellent Westmonster blog: Mario Giro, Italy’s deputy foreign minister, said his country could take advantage of the European Council Directive 2001/55, which permits temporary entry to large groups of displaced people.

In simple terms, this move would allow the Italians to basically stick two fingers up to the rest of Europe and the Brussels elite and say ‘They are your problem now.’

To be honest, can anyone really blame them for threatening such a drastic move?

The rest of Europe is squabbling over quotas and figuring out who is responsible for what, and all the while more and more people are arriving in Italy.

Thinking a little closer to home, this sort of situation is a prime example of why we are going to be better outside of the European Union.

An independent United Kingdom wouldn’t be waiting nervously to see how this Italian situation pans out – we would be free to help out on our own terms, balancing our international responsibilities with the interests of our own people.